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What is Alcohol and Drug Medical Detox?

Alcohol and drug detox involves the symptoms associated with withdrawal when a person stops using these mind altering substances after prolonged use. Medical detox is a means through which a person can go through the withdrawal process in a safe setting. The medical detox process provides a person in withdrawal appropriate resources to lessen the harsher symptoms associated with the process. In addition, medical detox lessens the risk that a person experiences the most harmful symptoms of the withdrawal process, particularly delirium tremens or DTs. Call Baton Rouge Drug Treatment Centers today at (225) 341-8208.

How does Medical Alcohol Detox Work?

The medical alcohol detox process begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the patient. This includes a physical as well as a psychological evaluation of the person entering into a medical detox program.

Once the evaluation is completed, an individual in a medical detox center is provided with resources to lessen the physical symptoms associated with withdrawal from alcohol. These resources oftentimes include prescribed medications to lessen the level of discomfort and to reduce the odds that a patient will experience DTs.

Another key element of medical detox is psychological support, counseling and assistance. A person who persistently consumed alcohol to the point that withdrawal occurs when drinking stops will require mental health support. In addition, the withdrawal process itself is mentally grueling and challenging for the vast majority of individuals who enter into medical detox centers.

At the conclusion of the detox process itself, a patient is directed into a treatment and recovery program. During the detox process, time is devoted to developing a treatment and recovery plan for a patient.

Dangers of Detoxing at Home

Some individuals elect to try and endure the alcohol withdrawal process at home, without accessing the medical detox process. At a minimum, a danger of detoxing at home rests in the fact that a person will experience potentially extreme discomfort or pain. In addition, a person will face psychological challenges associated with the withdrawal process as well. By detoxing at home, and without medical support, a person is unable to ease these significant symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal.

A person who intends to stop drinking alcohol needs to understand that the health risks associated with the process can be significant. DTs can be particularly debilitating. In fact, a risk of death exists when a person undergoes alcohol withdrawal, a risk that is vastly lessened when an individual accesses a medical detox protocol in an appropriate facility.

Relapse is another very real concern associated with the attempt to detox at home. A common result of at-home detox is a person returning to using during the process. A person involved in at-home detox may come to conclude that the only way to address effectively the symptoms is withdrawal – which are significant – is to start using again.

Types of Detox Protocols

In addition to alcohol detox, there are detox centers that specialize in assisting people through other types of withdrawal in a medically supervised, safe environment. These include detox centers for heroin, meth, Oxycontin and other drugs.

The needs and requirements of a person in withdrawal are unique to the drug involved. This reality underscores the need for substance-specific medical detox programs.

The Importance of Treatment Following Medical Detox

Treatment following detox is crucial. In the absence of treatment, a person is highly prone to relapsing. In many cases when treatment does not follow detox, relapse occurs in a very short period of time. In this day and age, the vast majority of medical detox centers are directly associated with recovery and treatment programs. In most cases, these recovery programs include in-patient and out-patient treatment alternatives. Call Baton Rouge Drug Treatment Centers today at (225) 341-8208.

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