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No matter which form it takes, addiction is an obsessive, compulsive disorder. The reward stimuli that drives a person to indulge in habitual repetitious behavior despite known adverse consequences gives it a very dangerous edge. Drug treatment centers help those who have developed addictions to deactivate, to a certain degree, these reward pathways.
Although only substance and gambling addictions are recognized by the Diagnostic and Statistical manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) as addictive states, there are a number of compulsions that fit into the addiction framework. Drug treatment centers Baton Rouge recognize and treat those uncontrollable compulsions that cause severe psychological imbalance. Call Baton Rouge Drug Treatment Centers today at (225) 341-8208.

As such Drug treatment centers Baton Rouge offers treatment for the following types of addiction:

• Alcohol
• Drug
• Cutting
• Eating
• Gambling
• Internet
• Sex
• Smoking
• Video Games
Whether these addictions occur alone or in conjunction with substance abuse or mental illness, we have the capacity to treat it. We also recognize that if these cycles of behavior are causing you harm and impacting various areas of your life in a negative way, then it is no less significant than alcoholism or narcotic drug addiction.

Mental and Physical Effects of Addiction

Drug addiction is an all-consuming condition. The physical and psychological consequences of this disease are often life threatening. When the substance of abuse is withheld, the body can react violently which makes addiction a self-perpetuating disease. Some users who try to stop substance abuse, suffer such mental agony and physical pain that they find it necessary to return to drinking or drug use to alleviate it. These reactions are known as withdrawal symptoms and have been the cause of numerous fatalities.
Withdrawal symptoms range from mild to severe and can escalate rapidly. Drug Treatment Centers Baton Rouge provide around the clock oversight for detoxification and enable the withdrawal process to occur in a safe, medically equipped facility. Board certified doctors and nurses monitor patients in order to prevent undue discomfort, administer medication when necessary and address any serious life threatening health condition such as severe respiratory depression or cardiac arrest.
The body, brain connection of addiction makes it a potentially dangerous condition to overcome without professional and experienced medical attention. Since every patient’s path to substance abuse and reactions vary, treatment requires a highly integrative and comprehensive approach to be effective.

Addiction Statistics

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) drug abuse is highest among young adults between 18 to 25 years of age. Data also show that 5.9% of young adults indulge in nonmedical use of prescription drugs.
Studies show that prescription drug is the primary cause of addiction for people 65 and older. Prescription drugs Drug abuse this age group comprises approximately 13% of the population. This accounts for more than a third of the total outpatient expense for prescription medications in the nation. Also, because older patients typically experience cognitive decline, they are more likely to misuse and abuse legally prescribed medications. A nationwide trend also shows a steady increase in drug dependency by people 50 years or older since 2002.

Treatment options

Our treatment protocols are multidimensional and personalized. They zero in on the individual’s needs and provide treatment options such as:

• Inpatient
• Outpatient
• Partial Hospitalization

The medical staff at Drug Treatment Centers Baton Rouge tailor the process to meet the specific needs of each patient. Our rehab programs are also systematically administered and continuously reevaluated to ensure that the patient is receiving the most optimum care. This approach has proven to be extremely effective in helping people to achieve their recovery goals.
Our rehab centers help those struggling with addiction to experience and enjoy long term sobriety. We can help you achieve return to a healthy lifestyle. Call Baton Rouge Drug Treatment Centers today at (225) 341-8208.

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