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From being touted as a wonder drug to unsavory stereotyping, cocaine has emerged with its image of being a highly addictive substance still intact. On this evolutionary journey, cocaine user’s picked up a few tricks and formulated a cheaper, deadlier product known as crack cocaine. This drug is typically made by dissolving and boiling powdered cocaine into a solution of water and baking soda or ammonia. At the end of the process manufacturers are left with an amorphous material that looks like jagged rock crystals. During this process the drug sometimes acquire some nasty contaminants that have given crack cocaine a reputation as a fast and painful way to die.

The dangers of using crack cocaine varies based on how it is produced, volume and duration of use. The usual harmful effects have to do with the toxic fumes emitted when the drug is smoked. Because crack cocaine is usually processed using ammonia, it can be harmful to the lungs of both users and those who experience it via second hand smoke. Deterioration in appearance as well as damaged teeth, gums, crack lips and blisters are minor side effects compared to the real risk of mouth, lip and tongue cancer. A fast acting flesh eating effect comes from smoking crack cocaine manufactured with the veterinary drug, levamisole. A number of rotting flesh cases that is reportedly turning up in emergency rooms across America has been linked to the use of levamisole in the production of crack cocaine. Call Baton Rouge Drug Treatment Centers today at (225) 341-8208.

Signs of Abuse

The euphoric effects of crack cocaine may be short lived but the stimulating effects can last for hours. Repeated efforts to duplicate the “rush” is one reason most users become addicted to this drug. Although there are numerous indicators of a budding crack addiction the most obvious are usually indicated by the following signs:

• Immediate and observable changes in behavior such as increased anxiety, irritability, hyperactive, paranoia and aggressiveness to name a few.
• Withdrawal from all interactions including, work, school and recreational activity.
• Unexplained absences.
• Sleep changes. Either sleeping a lot more than usual or suffering from insomnia.
• Always scrabbling or trying to get money without giving any valuable explanations.
• Visible changes in appearance. Deterioration in personal hygiene.
• Loss of appetite leading to extreme weight loss.
• Skin color changes either appearing flushed or pale.
• Frequent licking of the lips.
• Burns or cracks and blisters on lips and fingers.
• Respiratory problems such as wheezing or shortness of breath.
• Constant sore throat and coughing up of dark phlegm.
• Clothes and breath typically have a chemical odor.

Crack cocaine is often referred to as the freebase form of cocaine that can be smoked. When crack is mixed with other substances like alcohol, methamphetamine (Meth), marijuana, heroin or other stimulant drugs they can offset the effects of each other. This presents a high potential for drug overdose to occur since the combination can increase the effects of these drugs.

Crack’s Threat to Baton Rouge, Louisiana

According to the National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC) crack cocaine abuse and distribution represents the greatest threat to the area. Because Louisiana is an important connection for drug distribution for crack cocaine, it is the drug most associated with violent crime throughout the state. Recently the Baton Rouge Area Violence Elimination Unit have made multiple arrests of people using or manufacturing crack cocaine. And according to the DEA, crack cocaine abuse is also prevalent in the rural area. According to Law enforcement authorities crack cocaine is the principle drug of abuse in East Baton Rouge which is a predominantly rural and suburban area.

Treatment for Abuse

Drug Rehab Treatment Centers Baton Rouge are professionals when it comes to treating crack cocaine addiction. Timely treatment of this condition can be effective in minimizing the devastating effects that can come from habitual long term use of this drug. The Center for Disease Control describes addiction to crack cocaine as a lifetime condition.
Medical professionals at drug treatment centers Baton Rouge provide a thorough physical and psychological evaluation before commencing treatment. We then help the addict to go through an elimination process that provides medical oversight throughout the detoxification process. Rehabilitation for crack cocaine addiction also involves an integration of various treatment modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy.

Our overall crack addiction treatment programs are customized based on the patient’s treatment profile. These treatments are administered by our board certified addiction specialists who are trained to treat the biological and psychological components presented by crack addiction. Because of first- hand experience dealing with addiction, many of our doctors and nurses are highly qualified to empathize with patients battling deadly substance abuse. Most also have emergency trauma training which uniquely qualifies them to address any crisis situation presented by those recovering from crack cocaine addiction. Our primary goals for every patient is full recovery and the ability to sustain long term sobriety.

Crack cocaine addiction destroys lives in a shorter time than most other drugs of abuse. Nevertheless, it is a treatable condition and the ravages can be averted if drug use is stopped as soon as possible. If you or your loved ones living in the Baton Rouge area are affected by this drug, we can help. Call Baton Rouge Drug Treatment Centers at (225) 341-8208 today if you are ready to stop the effects of addiction.

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