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When it comes to alcoholism treatment, 12-step group meetings tend to be the first image that comes to mind. However, years of tracking the epidemiology of alcoholism have led to a range of effective alternative addiction treatment programs. These do not in any way negate the effectiveness of conventional aids. Alternative addiction treatment occurs through various holistic pathways as well as non-12 step programs such as moderation management techniques, Self-Management Addiction Recovery Training (SMART) and some gender specific recovery programs. Call Baton Rouge Drug Treatment Centers today at (225) 341-8208.

Alternative addiction treatment

This refers to the utilization of healing modalities other than traditional Western medicine and practices. When traditional remedies are integrated with alternative addiction treatment this is known as complementary treatment. Alternative treatments may include the following:

Acupuncture – The practice of using needles or finger pressure to stimulate pressure points is an ancient Chinese treatment for numerous ailments including addiction. Following extensive research and study, this treatment has received global acceptance and incorporation into many rehabilitation programs for addiction recovery. The traditional techniques have also evolved to include the use of heat, finger pressure and laser light. Another method of acupuncture includes the cupping therapy in which a local suction is created on the skin.

Art Therapy – This is a non-12 step alternative treatment for alcohol addiction that has been gaining popularity as a powerful non-verbal communication tool in recovery. Art therapy enable individuals to access the link between emotions and the addictive behavior. Through various artistic expressions, individuals are able to release and process unhealthy emotions.

Bio-Feedback & Biosound – Stress is a strong trigger for substance abuse. Most people without effective coping techniques relapse or fall prey to drug abuse when their stress levels become intolerable. This is an innovative therapeutic treatment that combines, music therapy, massage therapy and guided imagery for a comprehensive holistic treatment process that has been shown to improve the patient’s physical and emotional well-being as well as their ability to manage pain. This is especially important for those who experience painful withdrawal symptoms.

Chinese medicine (Herbal care) – When herbs are used in addition to conventional treatments, they have the potential to accelerate the detoxification process. Using plants for their healing properties have been an accepted tradition in the Chinese cultural for centuries. However, these herbal mixtures can contain potent chemical substances and should be administered under the care of a fully trained herbalist to avoid adverse reactions. Researchers from Harvard Medical School in an article published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence stated that isoflavones found in the Chinese Herb “Kudzu” has the potential to diminish alcohol cravings. Reference to this herb as a possible treatment for alcohol related issues date as far back as 600 A.D., in Chinese pharmacy books.

Equine Therapy – This alternative treatment program is an experiential process that involves the interaction between patients and horses under the guidance of a qualified therapist. A supervised series of activities enable patients to bond with these powerful animals. Through daily interaction with the horse, the therapist is able to observe as the patients develop non-verbal communication, assertiveness, leadership and problem solving skills.

Massage Therapy – This treatment has been effective in substance abuse treatment because, to some degree, it mimics the pleasurable effects of using alcohol or drugs. Massage activates the release of dopamine and endorphins which play an important part in reawakening the natural reward and pleasure pathways in the central nervous system.
There are numerous other non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical procedures that can directly affect the symptoms of addiction and the rehabilitation process. Drug Treatment Centers Baton Rouge takes a complementary approach to treatment. This means we customize treatment programs that integrate traditional remedies with select alternative treatment protocols. Other alternative

Treatments not listed above includes:

• Nutrition
• Exercise
• Body movements
• Yoga
• Meditation

Through these alternative therapies, our clients are able to recover from their physical addiction and other psychological, emotional and mental issues that are diagnosed at the time of treatment. We are staffed with experience doctors, therapists, counselors, exercise and nutrition experts that provide guidance through the process of detoxification, rehabilitation and recovery. Our patients are also educated and trained with holistic and traditional prevention techniques when relapse threatens sobriety,
If you or a loved one is in need of treatment for alcohol or drug addiction we can help. Call Baton Rouge Drug Treatment Centers today at (225) 341-8208 for answers to your questions about how our individualized treatment programs can benefit you.

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