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Alcoholism has been classified by the American Medical Association as a disease. People with an alcohol use disorder has a medical condition that will grow progressively worst without alcoholism treatment. This condition is also referred to as Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) and is characterized by an uncontrollable compulsion to consume alcoholic beverages despite the negative consequences associated with excessive drinking. Alcoholism like most addictions alter brain functions which makes specialized alcoholism treatment more of a necessity than a choice.
The most important reason for professional alcoholism treatment is the propensity for severe withdrawal symptoms. Although alcohol withdrawal symptoms are not life threatening for everyone, they can be unpredictable and go from mild to severe rapidly. Alcoholism treatment provides a safe alternative to halting alcohol abuse without medical attention, which in many cases have resulted in fatalities.

Alcoholism statistics

Based on records from the Centers for Disease Control CDC and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) the mortality rate for alcoholism in the nation is staggering. They cite the annual number of alcoholic liver disease deaths: 18,146 and alcohol-induced deaths, excluding accidents and homicides: 29,001.
Based on a national survey, over a one year period in Louisiana, the number of individual with an alcohol dependency or addiction exceeded 288,000.

Alcohol abuse VS. Alcohol Addiction

The distinction between alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction is primarily used for diagnostic purposes. Recreational use that leads to alcohol abuse marks the progression of the condition. If left untreated, alcohol abuse ultimately becomes alcohol addiction. The main features that distinguish alcohol abuse from addiction are as follows.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

• Increasing tolerance levels manifested by the need to drink more to get the desired effects.
• Recreational drinking that has transitioned into multiple non-recreational drinking days.
• Withdrawal symptoms are becoming evident when regular consumption of alcohol is withheld. These symptoms may include headaches, cravings and anxiety to name a few.
• Ignoring warning signs that alcohol dependence is developing.
• Risk escalation such as driving drunk, getting a DUI or showing signs of irresponsibility in favor of drinking.

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

• Blatant disregard for the consequences of alcohol consumption.
• Inability to hide drinking from employers, family and friends.
• Loss of income and financial stability directly due to habitual, uncontrollable drinking.
• Deterioration in all significant relationships.
• Mounting physical and mental health issues directly related to alcohol consumption.

Alcohol intervention

Staging an intervention before alcohol abuse has reached crisis proportions is extremely helpful in preventing the escalation of the disease into full blown addiction. Intervention is a non-judgmental confrontation by loved ones before or after their alcohol consumption has become harmful to themselves and others. A successful intervention can be life-saving in more ways than one. The primary goal of an alcohol intervention is to get the alcoholic into a treatment program to halt substance abuse and the deadly consequences of continued use.
To be successful, adherence to certain criteria is important to the preparatory stage of an intervention. Alcoholism Treatment Baton Rouge recognizes the significance of a well-planned and executed alcohol intervention. As such we provide qualified alcohol intervention counselors with extensive experience to help families to prepare and when necessary, facilitate an intervention for their loved one.

Alcoholism treatment

Once a person agrees to get help for alcohol abuse, treatment begins with a thorough physical and psychological evaluation by our board certified addiction clinicians. This assessment often highlight underlying mental disorders that may have contributed to the abuse. The co-occurrence of a mental illness with alcohol addiction is referred to as dual diagnosis. Comorbid conditions require treatment for both conditions simultaneously in order to diminish the possibility of multiple relapse events. At Alcohol Treatment Centers Baton Rouge we treat the root causes of alcoholism as well as its physical and emotional effects.
Detoxification is typically the first step in the treatment of alcohol abuse. The alcohol elimination process varies for each individual and life threatening symptoms can occur for at least 5% of those in addiction to alcohol. At Alcohol Treatment Centers we provide around the clock medical oversight during all detox procedures. Our detox medical team all have emergency medical training are therefore highly qualified to quickly and safely mitigate health risks. We also strive to keep each patient comfortable as well as physically and mentally stable throughout the entire process. Our detoxification program is especially helpful for individuals that have tried the “cold turkey” approach to getting sober in the past and have relapsed.
It is important to recognize that detoxification is only the first step in the rehabilitation process. Alcoholism is a chronic disease that will require an integration of various treatment modalities to be effective. At Alcohol Treatment Centers Baton Rouge, we incorporates evidence-based conventional treatment program with holistic remedies. This enables patients to experience behavioral changes that makes a positive impact in their lifestyle after rehab. Our whole person approach means that we treat the individual not just the addiction.

Our program options include:

a) Inpatient Medical Detox
b) Inpatient Rehabilitation
c) Residential Rehab
d) Partial Hospitalization
Whichever option you choose, don’t wait until you or a loved one has hit rock bottom before getting help for out of control alcohol abuse. Alcohol addiction can have deadly consequences. Contact Alcohol Treatment Centers Baton Rouge today at (225) 341- 8208. We can help you to overcome alcohol addiction.

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